Blog 002. Best camera you can buy today.

Blog 002. Best camera you can buy today.

Let’s face it. 

Bad picture? My camera isn’t good enough. 

Want to take good pictures? You obviously need a new camera.

How about we put this to the test by comparing a couple of pictures side to side… 

One of the pictures above was shot with an iPhone X and the other one on a Fujifilm X-T2 within seconds of each other. Both are edited to give them a consistent look and colour palette.

If you start pixel peeping then you can probably spot the colour banding which is starting to appear on the right hand image. I’d say that’s down to processing a raw image vs a jpeg and not necessarily the camera itself but I’ll let you be the judge.

If you were one of the few that picked up on that immediately, then you obviously figured out which one was shot on an iPhone. In case you still haven’t, the first image was shot with the Fujifilm and the second one with the iPhone.

There might be differences between the two shots above, but let’s look at another scenario. You find a great location, with beautiful light falling over it. You can take the picture with whichever camera you have in hand, or not take the picture at all. Now compare those two!

So which is the best camera you can buy today?

It’s the one you already own, the one you have with you. It doesn’t matter if that’s called an iPhone or a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. The only difference between the two is your vision, and it’s the only thing that will set you apart.

Keep shooting!